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Hi there! I’m Jason, the guy behind Teach Nomadic. I’ve been teaching English online for the past 3 years, but due to IT challenges, it hasn’t been all flowers and 5-star reviews (or apples for some of us)!


A Little Backstory: Online Teaching Troubles

I was teaching online recently while living in Spain, and the internet in my apartment stopped working.  I ended up sprinting to a cafe, calling the lady who installed my internet and begging her to come as soon as she could to try and fix it. Luckily, I managed to miss just one class.

Days later, I was browsing forums for the company I teach with and saw a handful of other teachers living in the same small city as I was!  If I had only known that they were located so close, I might have been able to share their classroom space or at least asked them for help. teach online letter blocks

As online teachers, we have different needs from ‘digital nomads’ who only need a basic WiFi connection to get their work done. One of the most common and significant issues I’ve faced so far with teaching online has been knowing where I could go for a stable internet connection that allows me the option to plug in via Ethernet-especially when the promised “reliable” connection in the apartment you’re renting cuts out!

Trying to travel with props and materials when I travel light has also been a problem at times, and despite the small size of most props I use, I had to leave a bunch of mine in Europe. This meant I had to buy and borrow new ones when I got home. Not ideal!

Finally, many online teachers struggle to find a quiet space with a solid background to teach from where we can be somewhat loud and goofy (I’m waving my finger puppets at you, fellow VIPKID teachers!) Coworking spaces often charge more for limited use of the private Skype room which may not have enough space for everything we need to lay out around us.

My level of “pure nomadism” was restricted by these challenges, and I couldn’t roam as freely as some of my friends who work online.

I wanted to change that for us.


A Solution Begins to Take Form

Imagine not having to wonder where the next reliable internet source is, or not having to worry about carrying props with you or purchasing new ones. You could look on a map of the world and see pinned locations of all the online teachers and other verified hosts offering a private quiet space to teach, a solid connection with a verified minimum speed, and even materials and props for you to use!

For example:

Let’s say you want to go on a road trip around the US and you teach online. Or maybe you want to backpack across Europe and only spend a few days in each place. Perhaps you camp, couch-surf, stay with friends/family, stay in your car, stay in hotels, stay in shared Airbnb’s.

How many of these places will provide you with what you need to avoid the dreaded “Teacher IT problem” while giving you a quiet space and materials?

Enter Teach Nomadic

Our plans to roam should not be restricted by our profession. Think about it:

Many of us moved online with that exact style of freedom to travel in mind!

That’s why I wanted to create a network of verified locations in one place that could be accessed and used easily to share teaching space, verified locations, and materials.

With Teach Nomadic, you’ll be able to pull up the map of verified locations, message the hosts in the location you’ll travel to, set up your teaching hours, and travel and teach worry free! We’ll verify hosts at sign-up and implement a rating and feedback system to maintain a consistently dependable system.

Join me in creating a trustworthy, reliable, and friendly network of hosts and online teachers so we can learn and grow together while exploring this beautiful world without restriction.

If you have any suggestions or any questions, feel free to contact me or leave them below and I will be more than happy to work with you.


Jason Cane

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  1. Hi Jason, this is an AMAZING idea! I’m not a teacher as such but I Home Educate my children and a lot of other Home Educators like to “Group” teach or sign their kids up to online tutoring etc. I don’t fully understand the concept but it sounds like a great idea and you’ve got a great professional website. Good luck with it. x

    1. Thanks, Jo!
      Just to help clarify a little: if you teach online, you need a strong and reliable internet connection, as well as a private space to teach from. Our Connected Classroom Map allows you to see all locations we’ve gathered that have been verified by other teachers as ‘safe to teach from’.
      Hope that explains it a bit better, and I appreciate the kind words!
      – Jason

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