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Are you an aspiring or current Online Teacher?  Want to join a global network of other teachers to share resources and view a world-map of verified locations to teach from so you never have an IT issue again?  Join us today!

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Have you taught in a location (Airbnb, apartment, home, coworking space, etc.)  with a strong internet connection and low ping plus a quiet space to teach from that allows for teaching without issues?  Are you a teacher with an online classroom space you’d like to share with other teachers?  Register a verified Connected Classroom here!

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8 thoughts on “Become a Member”

    1. Hi Amanda!
      Thanks for jumping right in to add spaces! It should give you two options: Sign Out or Create a New Account. Creating a New Account will allow you to add spaces in addition to keeping your Teacher Account. Can you let me know if these two options show up, please?
      Thank you 🙂

    2. Correction to that last message! The message is a little different for admins vs members. You should see “You Are Currently Signed In As Amanda” with the options ‘Go To My Account’ or ‘Sign Up For A New Account’ when you try to register a classroom. Click ‘Sign Up For A New Account’ to add a space. We’re working on smoothing out this process and adding a fun points/rewards system for when members check in or register a new space 🙂

  1. This is an awesome site,I think there isn’t many of these, and I think our world needs more, as I am from South Africa, and would think English is a second language in many places.

    I think English is an important language!

    Thanks for the cool info.

  2. What are the benefits to becoming a member, please. I know you will build your database, but how do I, the Online Teacher, benefit? Is it joining a global network of other teachers, to share resources and view a world-map of verified locations to teach from so you never have an IT issue again?

    Sounds helpful

    1. Hi Megahan,
      That’s exactly it! Plus, a points system is in the words for rewarding members who add locations to the map and interacting with others on the site. The points will be used for different rewards that are tbd.
      You asked how you, the online teacher, will benefit. That’s a great question!
      But remember I’m an online teacher, too, and the idea is that we’ll all benefit from it :).
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Jason, Is this an active site? The idea of it is an excellent one and I was excited to come across it. The ‘find a teacher/teaching space’ features don’t seem to be working and I can’t find any recent user activity.

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