October 11, 2017

Connected Classroom Registration

To register a verified Connected Classroom please:

  1. Add a name for the location (e.g. ‘HubbaHub Coworking’ or ‘Joe’s AirBNB’)
  2. Add your own email so we can contact you if we have any questions about the space and give you credit!
  3. Adding the listing website for the location if it has one is very useful for members looking to find more information about the space.

Note for current members:

When registering a new class space, you should see “You Are Currently Signed In As (your name)” with the options ‘Go To My Account’ or ‘Sign Up For A New Account’.

  1. Click ‘Sign Up For A New Account’ to add a space using the same email as your membership so we can credit you for adding the space!
  2. After you’ve added the spaces, you can simply sign back in with your teacher account, and you’re all done!