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Hi there my traveling, teaching friend!

We know that no two people travel or teach the same way, and we’d love to share your story with our community and the world!

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In order to lend a hand and inspire more online teachers to take the leap and travel, we’ll feature your responses to our interview questions.

The questions are below, and you can alter them or skip them as you’d like, as long as your responses are original and haven’t already been shared in the same format elsewhere on the internet.

If you’d like to focus on a specific location you can offer the most info about to others, that’s great!  You can also talk about your experiences teaching online and traveling in general, too.

There is no time deadline for submission, so as soon as you’re ready, send it in so we can feature you!

Your responses can be sent in an email to me at Jason@teachnomadic.com. In the emailplease attach 4-12 photos (make sure you’re in at least one of them!) of 800 pixels wide or larger (ideally at least 1500 pixels), with captions.

We’ll feature one of them on our Instagram page!

Please feel free to suggest any titles that you think would best sum up the overall interview as well as each subheading. I’m looking forward to reading your story and learning more about you!

Stay Connected!

Jason Cane



The Questions:

1.      Share some background info! (Ex: where are you from, what did you do before teaching online, your travel experience before teaching online, etc.)


2.      Describe the moment you knew you would start teaching online (Ex: what motivated you, what appealed to you about it, etc.)


3.      How did you find or create your online teaching job? (Ex: website, friend, self.)


4.      How do you fund your travels? (Ex: savings, scholarships, grants, fundraising, just through teaching online etc.)


5.      Tell us a funny story from one of your online classes! (Feel free to change this to a moving story, life-changing story, a travel story, etc. but I just love hearing some of the things that go on during lessons)


6.      How have your travels changed you as a person and specifically as a teacher in the online world? Related: What does teaching online allow you to do that teaching in a classroom setting doesn’t?


7.      What is one tip, motivational quote, resource, website, book, or podcast you’d recommend to other teachers?  What’s something you would have done different starting out? (Ex: how to find students, how to find housing, motivational material, etc. Please include one trusted URL linking to the resource you recommend.)

Thank you so much for sharing your unique experiences with us!

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