Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Teach Nomadic.

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I teach ______ online.  Can I still join Teach Nomadic?

We’d love to have you! Teach Nomadic is a network for all online teachers of any subject looking to meet one another, share resources, and quickly locate Connected Classrooms with verified reliable internet all over the world.

I travel to a bunch of locations throughout the year.  Can I change my location after I’ve registered?

Sure! In fact, we hope you’ll change it often!  At the heart of our mission here is a desire that online teachers break free from the restraints our specific classroom requirements (strong internet, quiet location, solid background, etc.) put on us.  The less we have to worry about where we’ll be able to teach from, the more we can think about new locations to explore!

I’d like to register as both a Teacher and a Connected Classroom so that other teachers can share my space if they’re in town.  Is this possible?

Yes! We can’t think of Connected Classroom hosts who would better understand the needs of online teachers than other online teachers!  Think about how you have your teaching space set up at home right now or the best place you’ve taught from while traveling.  What did it have that made it so great?

While we all have specific things we consider ‘necessities’, we believe there are some foundational requirements we all agree we must have to successfully teach online.

If you are online teacher willing to share your space with other teachers, you truly embrace and embody the spirit of Teach Nomadic, and we’d be very lucky to have you!

I’m not an online teacher yet/I want to teach online independently and not for a company.  Where do I start?

That’s great that you want to take your passion for teaching to an online environment!

First, you can check out our post about How to Become an Online Teacher for an overview and How to Build Your Online Teaching Business to learn how to set up your site in minutes!  Remember to revisit the blog often for updates and reviews about tools and technology for online teachers.

Second, visit Teacher Indie for a wealth of information specifically for starting and growing your online teaching business.  The information there will help you successfully start and grow a business teaching online!  It’s been a very useful resource for me, and I’m confident it will help you as well.

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