Recommended Online Teacher Supplies

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To prevent the sore wrists and aching pains that come with long hours on the computer, it’s important to have the best online teacher supplies to keep you comfortable!

The following list of supplies includes materials for those online teachers just starting out, or for veteran teachers looking to improve their current toolkit. If you don’t work with kids, just skip the section at the end with puppets (or grab a set for yourself-they’re pretty entertaining!)

Recommended Laptop

I got lucky when I was sent the next size up (15.6″) by mistake, as I love the extra screen space.  But either way, I’m a huge fan of Lenovo (who bought IBM) and their touchscreen laptops.  I can draw and write directly on the screen, so it’s much more accurate. Plus, it’s lightweight and folds into a tablet, too!  This laptop is great for the nomadic teacher.

Recommended Headset

I wrote a more extensive (and slightly humorous) review of the Logitech ClearChat Comfort Headset with Noise Cancelling Microphone and mute button, but to summarize:

This headset is comfortable, affordable, and comes with a mute button to use when you have to cough, sneeze, or your dog decides to bark nonstop.  It’s a lifesaver when trying to remain professional in the online classroom.

I’ve also heard great things about the Mpow, as it has the same functions as the ClearChats-including noise cancellation and the mute button-but a slightly lower price tag.  Plus, it comes in white and blue, too!

Recommended Laptop Riser

The pain you’ll experience in your back and neck from angling your gaze downwards at your laptop screen will catch up with you, and it causes you to feel tight and stressed the rest of the day.

While there are cheaper versions, I went with this option because of the height.  The cheaper options don’t allow you to extend and raise the laptop 19″ up like this one does, so they were no better for me than the stack of books I used to use.

Plus, it’s a nice mix of lightweight and sturdy, so you can take it anywhere and count on it to hold up your laptop safely.

Recommended Keyboard

If you teach or blog online, you’re probably used to hours of typing out feedback, articles, or emails.

Save those wrists with an ergonomic keyboard like this one that I use!  It allows you separate the two sections of the keyboard so you can type with your hands and wrists in a natural and comfortable position.  This way, you’ll type for longer and get much more done without pain or discomfort.  Probably my favorite investment, as I write content for online companies in addition to teaching, and my wrists were paying the price.

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