Welcome to Teach Nomadic!

Welcome to Teach Nomadic!

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For Teachers

1. Add a profile picture, a tagline, and tell us a little about yourself in your profile here: Manage Account

2. Find yourself and nearby teachers on the Teacher Map here: Find Teachers!

3. Say hi to the group of teachers here: Introduce Yourself!

4. Register a verified Connected Classroom you’ve taught from to help grow the network here: Register a Connected Classroom

For Connected Classrooms

1. If you’re also a Teacher Member, log out of this Connected Classroom account and back into your teacher account using the ‘Manage Account’ button at the top navbar

2. If you are just uploading a space, you’re all set! You can check out your listing on the Connected Classroom Map. Thank you for helping other online teachers find safe spaces to teach from worldwide!


If you have any questions or comments just shoot me a message at jason@teachnomadic.com and I’ll get it sorted quickly!